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Purim Goodies was selected as a 2007 recommended book  by the Association of Jewish Libraries..
Purim Goodies is a beautifully illustrated children's book that introduces the many assorted ingredients related to the Purim Holiday and the importance of giving. The book also includes a recipe for baking hamantaschen as well as a glossary of Yiddish terms used throughout the story. Who could resist the tempting smell of fresh-baked Purim goodies? Kleineh Adella and Groyseh Adella just can't.  And so they nibble on the torte, dip into the pudding, pinch the mandelbrot and, even though they don t mean to, completely gobble up the hamantaschen. But when these mischievous young maids attempt to deliver the Purim goodies to the families of their employers best friends ... oy vey, oy vey, there are only leftovers on the tray!  Seasoned with humor, sprinkled with Yiddish words, sweetened with luscious illustrations and a delicious hamantaschen recipe, this book is sure to whet your appetite.
American Jewish Library Newsletter
There is comedy, drama, a wise rabbi, a happy ending and beautiful illustrations in muted colors that are reminiscent of life in the Pale. Although it is a Purim story, the book can be read throughout the year because it illustrates important lesson about helping the poor and valuing friendship. It is highly recommended for readers aged 5-9.
Kate Pinchuck American Jewish Library Newsletter, May/June issue, 2007
The Forward
Amalia Hoffman’s dreamlike illustrations bring to life her story of Kleineh Adella and Groyseh Adella, two troublemaking young maids who can’t resist the aromas of freshly baked Purim pastries.”
Sarah Kircheff , March 2, 2007​​​​​​​
Jewish Book World
Here's a Purim goody with a new tack-holiday unfettered by bible story and with legs... Author/illustrator, Amalia Hoffman focuses on the tradition of Shalach manes through a delightful Yiddish tale, humorous characters and delicious Purim Treats. The moral delivered by a rabi is as digestible as the entire picture book.
Erin Cantor, fall, 2007
Haaretz International Edition
A sweet Purim gift, this Yiddish tale.
Carol Cook February 23, 2007
Norman H. Finkelstein author of thirteen non fiction books for young readers. Winner of the National Jewish Book Award and Golden Kite Honor Book Award.
A delightful and heimische story of Purim that raises readers’ appetite while providing the true lesson of shalach manes.

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